As the support for Vibes and Scribes on Bridge Street grew and grew, Joan was prompted to open another shop on Lavitts Quay, also in Cork City. She decided to try out some arts and crafts supplies to complement the books. It was a difficult transition to incorporate and a complicated area to get to grips with, but the products proved popular with the customers.

Due to the success of the arts and crafts side of the business, Joan then expanded into fabric, wool, yarn, haberdashery and upholstery supplies. These areas have been very well supported as many people are getting back into making and repairing clothing and household items themselves.

In 2011 Vibes and Scribes received the ‘small to medium business of the year’ award from the Cork Business Association and we were also shortlisted for the Bord Gais Irish Bookshop of the Year awards.

In February 2015, Vibes & Scribes was awarded Retailer of the Year at the Cork Chamber of Commerce Awards.