Convention Survival Kit & Cosplay Etiquette: Part 1

With Brocon on this weekend and Nom-Con coming up in August, I thought it might be a good idea to give some convention advice! I’ll be talking about what to bring with you to survive the convention and how to behave at the con.

Convention Survival Kit
It’s so so important to plan ahead and make […]

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The World of Cosplay

So what exactly is Cosplay?
Well, the answer is quite simple. Cosplay is a combination of the words “costume” and “play”. It is a hobby in which cosplayers decide to dress up as a fictional character from an anime, manga, video game, comic book, tv show, movie, novel, etc. Many cosplayers choose to roleplay […]

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Festival Shorts
This is a great way to achieve that festival style and to do something with those old jeans that you don’t wear anymore or that are too worn and tattered. Customise them! There are so many different ways to do this, add a trim or fringing to the pockets, dye them, embellish them […]

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Glastonbury has been and gone, and I’m not going to lie I spent a good portion of my weekend watching all the festival fun on TV, all the while completely jealous of the lucky individuals who got to attend. On the bright side I am going to Electric Picnic at the end of the […]

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‘Knitted Love’ Tea Cosy

I have a lot of scraps of yarn, most of them are too precious to let go of or too small to make something with. So, rather than have them all squirrelled away in my stash I’ve decided to make a whimsical tea cosy and finally show them off. It’s called ‘Knitted Love’ because […]

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Skull Jewellery

A few weeks back we got a new delivery of beads in, hundreds of new colours, shapes and sizes but what caught my eye straight away were these skull beads. They have been cropping up around the place for awhile now, I know I’ve seen them myself in many high street shops in town […]

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